Group Project

We will be using the statistical software R to analyse your data. Here is the primer that we will go through to help you in this. Do not fear – we will provide you with advice all the way through, and on the last full day of the course (the second Friday) we will walk you through your analysis!

Part of the second week of the course will be dedicated to group research projects conducted by assigned teams of 3 or 4 students. Each team will be responsible for testing a particular hypothesis and collecting relevant data address it. We will provide some concrete ideas as to interesting and testable hypotheses,  guidance throughout the process refining your ideas as to how best to test your hypothesis, and also help you analyze the data. The first week of the course will be the opportunity to familiarize yourself with potential focal species and study sites.  The final report will comprise a literature review and a write-up of your findings in the format of a peer-reviewed journal article. Although the projects are conducted in teams, the reports are written individually.  Different projects will involve different schedules for data collection. Whenever possible, students will be expected to help out their classmate with their data collection if needed.  The guideline for the report can be found | Here |.