Field Books

All students will be expected to keep a field journal for the duration of the course, which we will be evaluated by instructors on the last full day (Friday). You should purchase (preferably) a small hard-cover field book (e.g. rite in the rain), and write in pencil as it will not bleed should your book get wet.

The book should contain information on all aspects of our activities including:

  • dates and times of specific activities.
  • species names (including Latin names) and descriptions of appearance, behaviour and habitat.
  • descriptions of habitat where appropriate including notes on structure, species compositions, and spatial context.
  • geographic coordinates of specific locales (i.e. wetlands where activities might take place).
  • descriptions of activities including goals and any data that might be collected.
  • notes from lectures and student seminars as these might inspire you for your group project research question.
  • notes on weather conditions including temperature and precipitation.

Be sure to include a descriptive index, and use maps and drawings to illustrate your notes (you will not be judged on artistic talent).